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Loss2profit - Momentum Chaser Indicator

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 Momentum Chase Indicator 

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Instructor: Saurabh GuptaLanguage: Hindi

About the Indicator

The Loss2profit - Momentum Chaser Indicator is a powerful Price Action Indicator created by Saurabh to assist traders in identifying potential buy and sell entry and exit points when the price moves. This indicator utilizes a combination of high and low levels to mark significant Buy and Sell Opportunities on the Chart. This is the best Price Action Indicator which will catch the best reversal trades and also catch trends on time. Very simple indicator but very effective with timely entry and exit.


  • This Indicator displays Traingles which shows the trend
  • For Buying the Trend begins when the Green triangle is formed
  • For Selling the trend begins when Red Triangle is formed
  • The trend continues till the time the same color Triangle is formed

 How to Trade 

Entry on the Buy Side: Enter when a first Green Triangle is formed and exit the position when a Red Triangle is formed.

Entry on the Sell Side - Enter when the first Red Triangle is formed and hold till the user gets the first Green Triangle.

Chart Settings: 

In case the background of your chart is White: Then from Indicator settings make Wicks, bodies, and borders of the candles in Black colour 

In case the background of your chart is Black : Then from Indicator settings make Wicks, bodies, and borders of the candles in White colour

Please Note: We are keeping the Candles in either White or Black color to avoid the emotions to control us

 Benefits of  Using Momentum Chase Indicator

  • If you want to catch the bottom and Top - This indicator will catch the bottom and top easily.
  • This is a pure price action Indicator that just reads the price movement as the logic
  • It works on Any Chart and Any Timeframe
  • Clear Entry and Exit
  • No need for Multiple Indicators
  • Controls your emotions as we don't see Red and Green candles 
  • The target will be as per the Market

 Alerts with  Momentum Chase Indicator

Users can set Alerts for Buy and Sell Signals, preferred is to set alerts with the "Only Once" option. For Example:
You can set alert for BUY SIGNAL and when the signal is generated you can set an alert for Sell Signal. Alerts will be generated when a candle closes.

 Frequently  Asked  Questions

  • Where Does the Momentum Chase Indicator Work ?
  • Momentum Chase Indicator is built on Tradingview it works only on www.Tradingview.com (Website, Mobile App, Android Mobile, iPad, Macbook, iPhone or Tab, etc.)

  • For Which Kind of Market Momentum Chase Indicator Works?
  • Momentum Chase Indicator works on Any type of Market like Nifty, Bank Nifty, Fin Nifty, Stocks, Bitcoin, Currency Pairs, FOREX, Gold, Crude Oil etc. It works on any Chart that you can open on Trading View and any time frame

  • Best Timeframe for Momentum Chase Indicator?
  • Ideally, it works in any timeframe you are comfortable but still, if you want to choose you can choose 
    For Intraday Trading: 3 Mins
    Intraday options Trading: 3 Mins
    Short-Term Trading: 2 or 4 Hours

    Long-Term Investment: 1 Day

    Scalping: 1 Min

  • What if I get Fake Signals?
  • There is nothing Fake - indicators are built on some code or logic , so whenever that logic is true they give a signal - After that logic - if the market changes direction - the indicator changes signal - so everything is based on risk and reward - when market changed direction indicator should give u early exit, and should take you to correct direction.

  • Is it a Repaint Indicator
  • The arrow on any Closed Candle will neither change its color nor will get removed. A live Candle or current candle can do anything as we can't control the market. Always wait for the candle to close for confirmation.

  • Will it work on the Trading View free version?
  • Yes, it will work with Trading View Free Version

  • After Enrollment how to get Access?
  • Once you Enroll, we just need your Trading View Username and once Access is provided, the Indicator will be applied in a Few steps.

  • How to Avoid Multiple Signals in Sideways Market?
  • Once you feel the market is sideways then high and low of that sideways zone and avoid trades in that zone.

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