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Loss2profit - Momentum Chaser Indicator

Transform your trading strategy with Momentum Chaser Indicator and capture all the turns market takes and capture big profits !!

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Loss2profit - Loss2profit - Momentum Chaser Indicator

The Loss2profit - Momentum Chaser Indicator is a powerful Price Action Indicator created by Saurabh to assist traders in identifying potential buy and sell signals within the price chart. This indicator utilizes a combination of high and low levels to mark significant Buy and Sell Opportunities on the Chart.


This Indicator displays Traingles which shows the trend.

For Buying the Trend begins when the Green triangle is formed

For Selling the trend begins when Red Triangle is formed

The trend continues till the time the same color Triangle is formed.

How to Trade:

Enter on the Buy Side when a Green Triangle is formed and exit the position when a Red Triangle is formed.

For Making position on the Sell Side - enter when a Red Triangle is formed and hold till the user gets a Green Triangle

Setting of Candle:Wicks, bodies, and borders of the candles adapt to the color of the last signal to provide visual cues (but the preferred setting is to keep the Body, Wiick and Border in white color - so that user can control emotions and can focus on the color of triangles)


Users can set Alerts for Buy and Sell Signals, preferred is to set alerts with the "Only Once" option. For Example: 
 You can set alert for BUY SIGNAL and when the signal is generated you can set an alert for Sell Signal. Alerts will be generated when a candle closes.

This is the best Price Action Indicator which will catch the best reversal trades and also catch trends on time. Very simple indicator but very effective with timely entry and exit.

For any questions reach out to the Loss2profit team at +91 8604836722


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