Price Action Trading Course
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Price Action Trading Course

A Complete Course for Becoming a  Full-Time Trader

(Trading = Analysis + Risk Management + Mindset)

 Price Action Trading Course 

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Instructor: Saurabh GuptaLanguage: Hindi

What is Price Action ? 

Price action is the movement of a Stock Price plotted over time. Price Action forms the basis for all technical analysis of a stock, commodity, or other asset chart. Many traders rely exclusively on Price Action and the formations and trends extrapolated from it to make trading decisions.

Price Action is about understanding how the price goes up or down without using complicated tools, helping you make smarter decisions when buying or selling.

 What You Will Learn in this Course ?

  • Discover how to make money in the market using simple Price Action techniques.
  • Learn effective Intraday strategies based on Price Action.
  • Understand breakout strategies for successful trading.
  • Identify chart patterns to enhance your trading skills.
  • Explore practical examples of these strategies for better comprehension.
  • Know when to Enter and Exit trades.
  • Learn where to set Targets and place Stop Loss.
  • Gain insights on controlling greed and fear to become a full-time trader.
  • Understand the use of Fibonacci in Price Action.
  • Discover two important indicators that complement Price Action.
  • Acquire the edge needed to transition into a full-time trader.
  • Recognize common mistakes made by 90% of people in Intraday Trading.
  • Learn how to become a disciplined trader.
  • Realize that trading is simpler than we make it, and with these straightforward Price Action strategies, you can consistently earn significant profits from the market. Once you grasp Price Action and these strategies, you won't have to rely on others, and over time, you can become a full-time trader.

 Where Price Action  can be applied ?

Upon finishing the course, you'll be able to utilize Price Action for:

  • Trading within the day (Intraday Trading)
  • Trading over a short period (Short-Term Trading)
  • Long-term investments (Long-Term Investment)
  • Furthermore, you can apply Price Action not only to stocks but also to commodities, currencies, and even cryptocurrency trading.

 Who should take this Course ?

  • Individuals with an interest in the stock market, are eager to learn and enhance their knowledge.
  • Aspiring full-time Price Action Traders seeking to develop their skills.
  • Anyone with available time for chart analysis, including housewives, students, business professionals, and employed individuals.

 Validity of the Course ?

Two types of access are provided - 1 Year access and Lifetime Access. As per your selection, the course access will be provided. Users can watch videos as many times as they want.

 Language of the  Course ?

All the videos are recorded in Hindi Language

 What should  you have before taking Course ?

You should have a Demat Account opened, because I will be making use of Charts. You can open any Demat account from the below list of Brokers and practice Price Action Trading on their terminal while learning.

 What kind  of support will be provided after the Course ?

For any doubts and queries, you can reach out to Loss2profit's official Support Number 8604836722 or Live Chat 

 Bonus You will be getting with this Course ?

  • With Lifetime Access you get access to videos for lifetime.
  • With Lifetime access get 2 Months of Rainbow Indicator Access Free
  • Get a Trading T-Shirt Free with Lifetime Access
  • Videos Accessible on Loss2profit Mobile App
  • What's App Support for any questions
  • Discount Coupons for next purchase
  • Like-Minded Community

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