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Rainbow Indicator 

 Emotionless Trading 

 No Repainting 

 Clear Entry, Exit 

 Clean SL and Target 

 Handles Sideways Market

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RainBow Indicator


"Ride the Rallies without losing Emotional control - Any Chart, AnyTime Frame Indicator"  🌈

Coded by: Saurabh Gupta

 Rainbow Indicator 🌈 

 Introduction Video 

( Must Watch - Hindi ) 

Rules for using:

  • BUY ENTRY: Enter when a Green Candle gets closed after a yellow candle, immediately enter.
  • SELL ENTRY: Enter when a Red Candle gets closed after a yellow candle, immediately enter.
  • TARGET/EXIT: After entry whenever 1st Yellow (or opposite color) candle comes and closes is your exit/target.
  • STOP LOSS: For Buy Trades SL will be below Yellow or Green candle (whichever is lower) and for Sell Trades SL will be above Yellow or Red Candle (whichever is higher)
  • Works on all Charts, All Segments, and Any timeframe. 

Rainbow Indicator - Stocks



Aurobindo Pharma

Rainbow Indicator in Nifty & Bank Nifty



Trend Change

Rainbow Indicator in Commodity




Rainbow Indicator in FOREX




Rainbow Indicator in Sideways Market

Without Any Filter

After Applying the Average Volume Filter

After Applying the Average Volume Filter + Volume Filter

Rainbow Indicator Training Videos - Click On the Preview Button to watch

Sample of Rally Captured by Rainbow Indicator  on 4th Dec 2023

Problems you are facing daily in Trading

Missing Big Rallies

Market is moving 500 Points and you booking only 100 Points profit 

Emotional Trading

Even after you are in correct trade you exit because of Back to Back Green and Red Candles and hence unable to peacefully sit in correct trade

Multiple Indicators

You want to do perfect Analysis but due to so many indicators on Chart , your price itself is hidden , resulting complex analysis

Small Profit

The Profit you are booking is small while stop losses are more, resulting no profit at the end of Month.

No Clear Entry and Exit

You are not getting  Clear Entry and Exit 

Target not sure

You think market will go till this level and then reverse but it keeps on moving up or down

Big Stop Loss

Even though you are doing analysis but stop losses are big resulting into losses and revenge trading

Sideways Market

Sideways market is pain for you due to premium decay and lot of signals

Solutions for your Problems -using Rainbow Indicator 🌈 

Big Rallies Captured

Rainbow Indicator will capture big Rallies for you , if market is moving 500 points it will give you 450 points.

No More Emotional Trading

If the Market is in Uptrend then Rainbow will keep on making Green Candles and in case downtrend the only red candles , hence no emotions getting impacted due to back to back red and green Candles

No need of Multiple Indicator

Rainbow is just one Indicator , nothing else is required

Big Profits

Rainbow will capture Big Rallies for you and hence at the end of month you should be in profits if followed the rules of Rainbow

Clear Entry and Exit

In Rainbow Indicator you will BUY when a Green Candle is formed after the Yellow Candle

Target will be as per Market

After Entry whenever the next Yellow Candle is formed , on its closing we need to exit our positions

Minimum Stop Loss

In Rainbow Indicator stop Loss is below the low of previous yellow candle , which makes stop loss very small

Filters for Sideways Market

In the settings of Rainbow Indicator we have provided two volume based filters ,in case market is sideways Enable them to reduce signals by 70 %

Rainbow Indicator - Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does Rainbow Indicator Work?

Rainbow Indicator is built on Tradingview it works only on www.Tradingview.com (Website, Mobile App, Android Mobile, iPad, Macbook, iPhone or Tab, etc.) 

For Which Kind of Market Rainbow Indicator Works?

Rainbow Indicator works on Any type of Market like Nifty, Bank Nifty, Fin Nifty, Stocks, Bitcoin, Currency Pairs, FOREX, Gold, Crude Oil etc. It works on any Chart that you can open on Trading View and any time frame

Do we get Signals of BUY and Sell on the Chart?

Yes, we get Entry signals of BUY and Sell on the Chart , if you want neat and clean chart and you understand the logic of entry then you can even disable Buy and Sell Signals from Settings of Indicator

How to Trade using Rainbow Indicator?

For Entrywe get Buy and Sell signals, Once you get the signal wait for the signal candle to close and immediately take your position. We need to Exit our positions (whether it is a buy position or a sell position) when a Yellow candle is formed and closes in the yellow.

What is a Yellow Candle?

Yellow Candle is an important zone or candle in which the market is consolidating and planning to either continue the trend or planning for reversal.

But the key point here is market can't stay in this zone for too long and hence it becomes a very important zone for entry.

Best Timeframe for Rainbow Indicator?

Ideally, it works in any timeframe you are comfortable but still, if you want to choose you can choose 

For Intraday Trading: 3 Mins

Intraday options Trading: 3 Mins

 Short-Term Trading: 2 or 4 Hours

Long-Term Investment: 1 Day

Scalping: 1 Min 

What if I see Fake Signal?

There is nothing Fake - indicators are built on some code or logic , so whenever that logic is true they give a signal - After that logic - if the market changes direction - the indicator changes signal - so everything is based on risk and reward - when market changed direction indicator should give u early exit, and should take you to correct direction.

What if I am getting back-to-back yellow candles?

If you are getting back-to-back yellow candles and you are not getting a signal candle, then come to a lower timeframe means if you were checking on 5 minute time frame come to 3 minutes and still if you are not getting a signal come to 1 min timeframe

Is it a Repaint Indicator ??

Any Closed Candle will not change its color Guaranteed, A live Candle or current candle can do anything as we can't control the market but any closed candle doesn't change its color. Always wait for the candle to close for confirmation.

Will it work with the Trading View Free Version?

Yes, it will work with Trading View Free Version

What are the Benefits of Using the Rainbow Indicator?

1. The Indicator is on your Price Itself, so your Chart is clean

2. Clear Entry, Exit, Stop Loss and Trailing SL

3. The Main Key Point is that it will Catch the Rally and make you hold till the end, some days till day end Yellow Candle will not come and you will capture the full Rally.

4. The Stop Losses will be very small in the Side Ways Market

Where to keep Stop Loss in starting?

For BUY Trade, keep the initial stop loss below the low of the yellow candle and hold the trade till the Yellow candle comes again.

For Sell Trade, keep the initial stop loss above the top of the Yellow candle and hold the trade till the yellow candle comes again.

How to Avoid Multiple Signals in Sideways Market?

We have added two filters (Volume filter and Average Volume Filter) under the settings of Rainbow Indicator which users can enable to reduce 60/70% of signals during a sideways market.

What is Volume Filter in the Settings of Rainbow Indicator?

In order to reduce the signals during the Sideways market, we have added a Volume Filter - when the user enables the volume filter, we only show signals where the volume of the signal candle is more than the volume of the previous candle

What is Average Volume Filter in settings ?

When the user enables the Average Volume filter, we only show signals where the volume of the signal candle is more than the average volume of the last 20 candles

After Enrollment, what do we need to provide for getting Access?

Once you Enroll, we just need your Trading View Username and once Access is provided, the Indicator will be applied in a Few steps.

What are the different Plans for Rainbow Indicator?

Rainbow Indicator comes with below Plans:

1. One-month Plan

2. Quarterly Plan

3. Half Yearly plan

4. Yearly Plan

5. Lifetime Plan

Is this a Course or an Indicator?

This is an Indicator that will be applied on Trading View, It's presented in the form of a Course to provide Free Videos for Education

Rainbow Indicator 🌈 Honest Feedback Received on What's App 📞 🙏🏼 

Rainbow Indicator 🌈 Honest Feedback Received on Website 🌐 🙏🏼

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